Data Enhancement



Firstlogic® Data Enhancement Services are off-premise services provided by our Firstlogic Gold Partner™ Peachtree Data™ and include: 

    • NCOALink: Identify change-of-address records before your next mailing.
    • Presort: Presort your mail list for maximum postage discounts.
    • DSF2: Take address quality and postage discounts to the next level.
    • Apartment Append: Improve the deliverability of your mailing list by adding missing apartment numbers.
    • PCOA: Find change-of-address information beyond the USPS NCOALink file with Proprietary Change of Address.
    • GeoCoding: Enhance your ability to target your campaign by appending latitude and longitude information to your database.
    • Bankruptcy Suppression: Identify people who have filed for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
    • Deceased Suppression: Identify deceased individuals in your mailing list.
    • DMA Mail Preference: Identify people who have requested to be removed from unsolicited mailings.
    • Nursing Home Suppression: Identify addresses nursing home facilities.
    • Prison Suppression: Identify addresses of federal, state, county and city correctional facilities.
    • Reverse Phone Append: Get name and address data from your 10 digit phone numbers.
    • Phone Append and Verify: Add phone numbers to your database and verify existing phone numbers in a single pass.
    • Phone TPS: Run your phone numbers against the Federal, State and DMA Do Not Call lists.
    • Demographic Append: Get detailed demographic information about your customers.