Data Governance

SAP Data Services for Accurate Analytics: Overview Video

Realize Business Value Faster with SAP Information Governance:
Watch this video to learn how to leverage SAP Information Management solutions to provide complete and trustworthy data to support your operational, analytical, and data compliance initiatives to help you improve efficiency, decision making and governance with a single version of the truth.


A single solution for managing enterprise data quality

    • SAP® Information Steward software helps you to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information.
    • With integrated data profiling and metadata management functionality, the solution provides continuous insight into the quality of your data, giving you the power to improve the effectiveness of your operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.




Analyze, monitor, and report on the quality of your data.

    • The causes of poor data can be hard to identify and hard to fix. Typically, data resides in incompatible sources.
    • There is no consistent, repeatable way to measure and score data quality, no ability to analyze data dependencies across systems, no clear strategy and discipline for improving data quality, minimal reuse of data assets with lots of data duplication, and a lack of visibility to where the numbers are coming from.
    • To make matters worse, many companies use disparate, poorly integrated data quality management tools and applications.
    • SAP Information Steward software, part of SAP solutions for Enterprise Information Management (EIM), addresses many of the issues that can hinder efforts to improve the effectiveness of operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.



Adopt one solution for data stewardship

    • Unlike other data profiling or metadata management applications, SAP Information Steward is built on and works with SAP Data Services software, which helps you access, integrate, and process structured and unstructured data from a variety of data sources across your enterprise.
    • By combining data profiling, metadata management, and data quality monitoring functionalities in a unified framework, SAP Information Steward enables you to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information and support your governance initiatives.
    • Serving as a lens that puts data problems in sharp focus, the software features drill-down functionality that helps you identify and expose the causes of poor data quality – making subsequent remedial efforts more focused and more efficient.


A collaborative environment for your IT and business users

    • SAP Information Steward features a role-based user interface that meets the specific needs of your business users and IT teams.
    • Business users can see how their information measures up against information governance rules and standards, while IT personnel can share data quality metrics with business colleagues and involve them in the ownership of data problems.
    • Data quality reports can be viewed via dashboards and scorecards, or via profiling results that automatically help you recognize the impact of poor data.
    • The solution serves as a central repository for data asset analysis, metadata management, business glossary, validation rules, and data profiling.
    • It enables all members of your data management team to work together without having to share reports via spreadsheets or importing data from one application to another.
    • Executives, managers, and IT experts can view and share information regarding governance and data quality metrics while also tracking progress toward quality goals.
    • The rich user experience is enhanced by concise analytic tools that help people understand the impact of poor data.
    • With a simple, visual overview of data benchmarks – integrity, uniqueness, conformity, completeness, and accuracy – your business users and IT personnel gain a better perspective on how data quality is impacting your organization.


Turning data quality into competitive advantage

    • As a single solution that supports data profiling, data monitoring, metadata management, and the development of data cleansing packages, SAP Information Steward gives data stewards and data analysts the ability to view and align data in accordance with organizational goals.
    • The software helps boost the efficiency and lower the cost of data quality initiatives.

    • Data profiling and data quality monitoring
      • You can measure and assess data quality; establish appropriate data quality metrics based on your specific operational, tactical, or strategic goals; and determine the impact of data quality on your business performance.
      • By shining a spotlight on quality problems, you can reduce the risk of propagating bad data.
      • The software also allows you to create mapping rules for data integration, verify that data matches your business definitions, and define the rules that govern data cleansing and validation.
      • Comprehensive data quality analysis features include shareable validation rules, a data quality dashboard, and scorecard functionality through a user-oriented interface – all designed to enhance user acceptance and utilization.
    • Metadata management analysis
      • SAP Information Steward enables you to consolidate, integrate, and audit metadata across many different data sources
      • You can trace data lineage all the way from a report down to a source for a better understanding of your complete business intelligence environment.
      • You can also determine the impact that a change in data source will have on a report or scorecard.
      • And, with better control and tracking of data initiatives, you can increase the reuse of key data sources and reports, which helps lower IT costs and improve decision making.
    • Glossary of business terms
      • Creating commonly accepted business terms – the semantics used to describe basic entities such as customers, products, employees, and partners – is a difficult task for many organizations.
      • SAP Information Steward enables you to create a business term taxonomy – a “metapedia” that integrates and consolidates metadata from many sources, linking business terms with data elements so business users can better understand data definitions.
      • Your business and IT experts can define and agree on standardized business terminology.
    • Cleansing package builder
      • “Cleansing packages” empower your data stewards and subject-matter experts to use their domain knowledge to create data cleansing solutions.
      • Each cleansing package is unique to a specific data domain and defines how data should be parsed and standardized by the data cleanse transform functionality in SAP Data Services.
      • Your data domain experts can use a drag-and-drop graphical user interface to easily develop and refine cleansing packages.
      • Intuitive, visually oriented tools help you generate parsing rules automatically – based on how your data stewards classify enterprise information.
      • SAP Data Services software and SAP Data Quality Management software provide you with guidelines on how to use a cleansing package to process the data.



Integrating into any operational application

    • Often, the same record exists in different source systems but with variations.
    • Duplicate records may also exist in the same system.
    • Identifying and consolidating duplicate data gives you direct cost savings by eliminating redundant data and improving business process efficiency.
    • Typically, automated data quality processes help to cleanse and standardize data and de-duplicate matching records.
    • However, when automated processes cannot determine the duplicate records with enough confidence, and to review the matching results, manual intervention is unavoidable.
    • Real information governance means that you can identify and monitor the level of your data quality and also link those levels to clearly defined and trackable processes that can help you to remediate and improve your overall data.
    • It also means that you can ensure your users can view the quality scorecards directly within their operational applications and drill down into the problem record.
    • Users of the SAP Master Data Governance application can now review the data quality scorecard set up in SAP Information Steward, drill down into the failed records, highlight bad records, and immediately initiate cleansing requests.
    • Data stewards can now remediate the bad records and then approve changes – all this and more with fewer clicks and all within the same application.



Single solution, multiple benefits

    • As a single solution for data profiling, metadata management, and continuous insight into the quality of your data, SAP Information Steward software enables your company to:
    • Empower business users
      • Improved collaboration between data analysts and data stewards can have a substantial impact on your information management initiatives.
      • With a better grasp of how data quality affects enterprise processes and performance, you can take steps to improve efficiency and profitability.
    • Govern enterprise information
      • Good data governance depends on creating consistent rules and guidelines about who can access, change, add, share, or integrate enterprise information.
      • The software enables sound governance processes that define data ownership in accordance with your organization’s needs, roles, and accountability principles.
      • Data profiling tools help pinpoint error hot spots that indicate where governance controls must be refined or adjusted.
    • Improve information transparency
      • Your company gains comprehensive visibility into data quality at all levels of the information management landscape.
      • Impact analysis tools let you assess the merits of changes in your data structures and sources, for reduced risk and improved data quality.
      • With better insight into data origins and lineage, your information is more accurate and more trustworthy.