SAP Data Integrator
SAP® Data Integrator is a world-class ETL tool that allows you to profile, extract, transform, and deliver any type of data anywhere across the enterprise.

Delivering Trusted Data to Your Enterprise

To gain control over your data, you need to build an agile and trusted data foundation that can rapidly respond to the information demands of operational or analytical initiatives. Such a foundation requires data integration capabilities that can help you deliver trusted information across the enterprise. SAP Data Integrator software allows your organization to profile, extract, transform, and deliver any type of data anywhere across the enterprise.


SAP Data Integrator

SAP Data Integrator includes features and functions that support the following:

    • Comprehensive data integration functionality – Access and integrate data from any source and design an efficient, reliable data integration process.
    • Native text data processing – Unlock meaning from unstructured text data for increased business insights.
    • Extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) functionality – Move and integrate data in real time and at any interval.
    • End-to-end metadata management – Understand impact and lineage between data from disparate systems, from data sources to BI environments.
    • Intuitive interface – Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to rapidly develop data integration projects with the option to include data quality functionality.
    • Enterprise-class performance – Move massive amounts of data using parallelism, caching, and grid computing approaches.


Increase insight, efficiency & productivity

SAP Data Integrator can deliver the following benefits:

    • Deeper insight – with a single, trusted view of your data from structured and unstructured sources.
    • Efficiency – with accelerated movement of data and faster time to market.
    • Enhanced productivity – with a single user interface developing data integration and data quality processes.
    • Lower deployment costs – thanks to an intuitive, unified solution.
    • Timely information access – with trending and analysis features.