Firstlogic DQ10 "In-Cloud" Services

Firstlogic® DQ10 is the "In-Cloud" services platform providing processing for address correction & encoding, data cleansing and data de-duplication.

    • Firstlogic® DQ10 includes ACE® and Match/Consolidate®.
    • Firstlogic DQ10 "In-Cloud" leverages the SAP America, Inc. USPS® CASS Certified ACE, NCOALink® certified Mover ID and DSF Ready software. 


ACE® Address Correction & Encoding 

    • USPS CASS Certified™ Services
      • Firstlogic's DQ10 platform meets USPS® CASS requirements by leveraging a CASS Certified platform.
      • US National Directory – to assign addresses to the finest level by adding ZIP + 4® codes, carrier route, eLOT®, and LOT order information.
      • eLOT® – provides the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence.
      • CASS – to keep addresses complete, correct, and current with powerful CASS Certified address correction directories.
      • DPV® – to determine valid USPS® delivery points.
      • LACSLink® – for conversion of rural route, highway route and box number addresses to street addresses.
      • SuiteLink® – to add secondary suite information to business addresses.
      • RDI – to determine residential vs. commercial addresses.
      • Z4CHANGE – provides the ability for cost-effective processing for ZIP + 4® codes that have been realigned in the past twelve months.
    • USPS NCOALink® Certified Services
      • Provides National Change of Address software for 18-month End User Mailer (EUM) and Limited Service Provider (LSP) or 48-month Full Service Provider (FSP).
      • Firstlogic’s DQ10 platform meets Move Update requirements by leveraging a USPS® NCOALink® certified platform.
    • USPS DSF Certified Services
      • Provides second generation Delivery Sequence File with vacant, residential, business and seasonal address information.
      • Firstlogic’s DQ10 In-Cloud services enable users to achieve the highest level of address quality by leveraging a USPS® DSF certified platform.

Match/Consolidate® Data Parsing, Matching & Consolidation

    • Identify duplicates – to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Combine various sources – of information both internal and external into a single repository to create a streamlined view of your customers.
    • Detect and eliminate duplicates – so you can delete them from mailing lists.
    • Use “householding” techniques – to identify members of the same household or to identify employees of a single company at the corporate level.
    • Utilize suppression lists – to remove records that shouldn’t be included in a campaign. 



Certified Platforms

      • CASS Certified Product: SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N
      • NCOALink® Certified Product: SAP America, Inc. Mover ID 6.4
      • DSF Ready Product: SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N



    • In-Cloud – deployment option to allow processing flexibility to customers. 
    • Stronger customer relationships – by parsing & standardizing data, consolidating duplicate records and adding value to your customer relationships to drive revenue.
    • Improved campaign outcomes – by accurately segmenting and targeting campaigns to the right customers and addresses.
    • Better customer experiences and relationships – by communicating efficiently with customers, staying in touch as they relocate, and eliminating duplicate mailings that drive up costs.
    • Lower postage and printing costs – by sending direct mail only to addresses known to USPS and selectively shipping parcels using USPS to avoid residential address surcharges.
    • Accurate mailings – by providing the guidance and strict verification you need to ensure that your mailings are always prepared correctly.
    • Higher postage discounts – by enabling you to easily gather and cleanse data and prepare mailings to receive the highest possible postage discounts.

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