Firstlogic® DQ Software

Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) multi/thread release delivers up to 4X the speed with the industry's best address quality including file preparation, address cleansing, data cleansing and matching deduplication. 

    • Firstlogic DQ10 is the newest release of the Postalsoft® platform that provides  processing for address correction & encoding, data cleansing & enhancement and data matching & consolidation.
    • Firstlogic DQ10 includes FirstPrep, ACE®, DataRight IQ® and Match/Consolidate®.
    • Firstlogic DQ10 leverages the SAP America, Inc. USPS® CASS Certified ACE  NCOALink® certified Mover ID and DSF Ready software.
    • Firstlogic DQ10 replaces Postalsoft Job-File, Views, Library and Rapid deployments.
    • Firstlogic DQ10 Real-time Option includes Workflow APIs for C++, Java and .Net  for integration within your applications.
    • Firstlogic Solutions, LLC is an SAP authorized reseller of the SAP ACE CASS software and through our SAP partnership will assist customers with the acquisition of the SAP Mover ID NCOALink® for certification with the USPS®.
    • SAP America, Inc. is a certified licensed NCOALink® Interface Distributor of the United States Postal Service®.


FirstPrep™ File Preparation 

    • FirstPrep offers a wide variety of innovative and customizable features for fast and accurate file preparation.
    • File preparation is the step where marketers define characteristics of their jobs and identify the data to be used.
    • This module guides you through the process, provides a critical data review opportunity, and allows you to predict volumes for targeted list segments, versions, or timed distribution.
    • Create your format and definition files and link them to your input file.
    • Count and sort on fields in your data.
    • Convert file types and merge multiple files into one input file.
    • Create several smaller filters and join them together in different combinations based on your business needs.
    • Link the filters to specific output files.
    • Count the number of records that will be included in each output file based on your criteria.
    • Datasheet View shows the field names as column headings with record data listed below.
    • Format Editor View allows format modification and shows your data with the defined field names.
    • Format Definition window is where you set your field names, types, and lengths.
      Definition Field Mapping enables mapping of input file fields to application input fields.
    • Data Selection allows you to create new output files using one or more filters on an input file or by joining input fields to create a new output layout.

ACE® Address Correction & Encoding 

    • SAP America USPS CASS Certified™ Product: ACE 08.06.00.N
      • Firstlogic's DQ10 platform meets USPS® CASS requirements by leveraging SAP’s CASS Certified ACE 08.06.00.N software.
      • US National Directory – to assign addresses to the finest level by adding ZIP + 4® codes, carrier route, eLOT®, and LOT order information.
      • eLOT® – provides the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence.
      • CASS – to keep addresses complete, correct, and current with powerful CASS Certified address correction directories.
      • DPV® – to determine valid USPS® delivery points.
      • LACSLink® – for conversion of rural route, highway route and box number addresses to street addresses.
      • SuiteLink® – to add secondary suite information to business addresses.
      • RDI – to determine residential vs. commercial addresses.
      • Z4CHANGE – provides the ability for cost-effective processing for ZIP + 4® codes that have been realigned in the past twelve months.
    • SAP America USPS NCOALink® Certified Product: Mover ID 6.4
      • Provides National Change of Address software for 18-month End User Mailer (EUM) and Limited Service Provider (LSP) or 48-month Full Service Provider (FSP).
      • Firstlogic’s DQ10 platform meets Move Update requirements by leveraging our partnership with SAP. Users acquire SAP’s Mover ID solution and work directly with SAP to meet USPS® certification. Firstlogic Solutions will guide customers through the certification process.
    • SAP America USPS DSF Ready
      • Provides second generation Delivery Sequence File with vacant, residential, business and seasonal address information.
      • Firstlogic’s DQ10 platform will enable users to achieve the highest level of address quality by leveraging our partnership with SAP.  Users cerify directly with the USPS for DSF certification. Firstlogic Solutions will guide customers through the certification process.
    • Geocoding – for latitude & longitude assignment. 

DataRight IQ® Data Parsing, Standardization & Enhancement

    • Non-address – data parsing, standardization and enhancement.
    • User defined – pattern matching.
    • List conversion – up to 255 input files in any record layout and/or one of four file types (ASCII, delimited, dBase3, EBCDIC).
    • Intelligent casing.
    • User modifiable dictionaries – for parsing and capitalization.
    • Gender determination – and pre-name (Mr. Ms.) assignment.
    • Match standards – nicknames for individuals (ie. Robert, Bob, Bobby).
    • Search & replace – functions.
    • Input and output – record filtering.
    • Firstlogic expressions – available at the file/record level and the field level.

Match/Consolidate® Data Parsing, Matching & Consolidation

    • Address & Non-address – data parsing, matching and consolidation.
    • Quickly uncover relationships – within one or multiple data sources.
    • Identify duplicates – to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Combine various sources – of information both internal and external into a single repository to create a streamlined view of your customers.
    • Match and consolidate – account records to create a single, complete view of customer addresses.
    • Detect and eliminate duplicates – so you can delete them from mailing lists.
    • Use “householding” techniques – to identify members of the same household or to identify employees of a single company at the corporate level.
    • Define and implement –your own business rules to identify customers within data sets.
    • Process multiple sets – of business rules so you can identify hidden relationships in your data.
    • Assign a unique identification number –for each record to create relationships between different sets of data.
    • Selectively choose data – on a field-by-field basis to build a “best” consolidated record.
    • Combine records – by matching different forms of the same name or firm such as “Beth” and “Elizabeth” or “AT&T,” “ATT,” and “att”.
    • Utilize suppression lists – to remove records that shouldn’t be included in a campaign. 



Certified Supported Platforms

    • CASS Certified Product: SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N
    • NCOALink® Certified Product: SAP America, Inc. Mover ID 6.4
    • DSF Ready Product: SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N
    • Supported Platforms: Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®



    • On-Premise – deployment options to allow processing flexibility to customers. 
    • Stronger customer relationships – by parsing & standardizing data, consolidating duplicate records and adding value to your customer relationships to drive revenue.
    • Improved campaign outcomes – by accurately segmenting and targeting campaigns to the right customers and addresses.
    • Better customer experiences and relationships – by communicating efficiently with customers, staying in touch as they relocate, and eliminating duplicate mailings that drive up costs.
    • Lower postage and printing costs – by sending direct mail only to addresses known to USPS and selectively shipping parcels using USPS to avoid residential address surcharges.
    • Accurate mailings – by providing the guidance and strict verification you need to ensure that your mailings are always prepared correctly.
    • Higher postage discounts – by enabling you to easily gather and cleanse data and prepare mailings to receive the highest possible postage discounts. 

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