Data Services

SAP Data Services for Accurate Analytics: Overview Video

Unlock Big Data with SAP HANA and SAP Data Services:
Watch this video to learn how to cost-effectively deliver trusted information to all your crucial business functions. SAP Data Services - a single, enterprise-class solution for data integration, quality, profiling, and text analysis - loads relevant data into SAP HANA, integrates all information sources - regardless of data type or location - and helps analyze unstructured data in Hadoop without coding, using text-data processing.

Establish a modern information management infrastructure

    • Trustworthy, accurate, and complete data is the oil that lubricates your business’s engine.
    • Yet in the era of “Big Data,” it can be challenging for workers to harness and make sense of all the data at their disposal.
    • With the right data management solutions, you can gain insight across your business where and when you need it and support critical business processes and decisions.
    • SAP® Data Services software and SAP® Information Steward software help move, improve, and govern  your data, letting you cost-effectively deliver trusted information to all critical business functions.
    • Together, these enterprise-class solutions enable data integration, data quality, text data processing, data profiling, and metadata management, allowing you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver accurate, complete data.
    • As a result, you can help ensure that applications work as needed, business processes are uninterrupted, and workers are empowered to make the best decisions.
    • The software provides a trusted information foundation comprising a single development user interface, metadata repository, data connectivity layer, runtime environment, and management console.
    • With it, you can support both operational and analytical data-driven initiatives and access relevant data regardless of type, domain, or source.
    • You can also use it to empower both IT and business users to govern the quality of data.




Access relevant data for new insight

    • SAP Data Services enables you to gain a complete view of information by accessing and combining data – of any size and from any data source – to gain contextual insight and unlock true meaning.
    • With this software, you can access, integrate, and process structured and unstructured content from a variety of data sources across your enterprise.
    • These include the SAP HANA® database, SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse application, SAP Rapid Marts™ packages, SAP Sybase® IQ server, and non-SAP data stores.
    • The software lets you:
      • Extract, transform, and load data quickly into a data warehouse to create a complete view
      • Access data from Apache Hadoop to combine unstructured and structured content for new insight
      • Unlock meaning from unstructured documents with native text data processing You can also analyze linguistics to create base metadata, extract information to create semantic metadata, and analyze text data in 31 languages.
      • This means you can gain significant insights into your business, identify emerging trends, and proactively respond to opportunities or potential risks.



Deliver trusted data

    • With SAP Data Services, you can manage data quality by correcting data issues as they arise and preventing quality issues before they occur.
    • Intuitive user interfaces allow you to standardize, correct, and match data to reduce duplicate information and identify relationships.
    • With accurate, consistent, and complete data, your workers can make more effective decisions and improve business operations.
    • SAP Data Services empowers you to improve, enhance, and consolidate data.
    • Specifically, you can:
      • Parse, standardize, and cleanse data from any source, domain, or type
      • Maximize the value of your data by enhancing it with internal or external data sources.
      • Uncover hidden relationships using a variety of matching and consolidation techniques to provide a single version of the truth
      • You can use this functionality with virtually all data in real time or batch processing scenarios.
      • Plus, because the software is built on Web services, you can manage data quality within a wide variety of standard and proprietary applications, platforms, and databases – including those from SAP and third parties.



Empower IT and the business to govern data

    • SAP Information Steward is built on and works with SAP Data Services, enabling you to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information.
    • A specialized user interface within SAP Information Steward empowers both IT and business users to collaborate on data management tasks, making it possible to:
      • Define and implement data policies, assess data quality, and remediate data problems.
      • Gain continuous insight about whether data is fit to use based on its quality.
      • Deepen understanding of data quality metrics with intuitive dashboards and scorecards.
      • With an easy-to-read dashboard of data benchmarks – such as integrity, uniqueness, conformity, completeness, and accuracy – everyone gains better insight into how data quality is impacting your organization.
      • SAP Information Steward also allows you to manage metadata.
    • Specifically, you can:
      • Determine the origin of data quality problems and analyze the impact on processes.
      • Consolidate, integrate, and audit your metadata from all relevant sources.
      • Create a metadata business glossary and build a central location for organizing it.
      • You can also trace data lineage from a report down to the source to better understand your complete business intelligence environment.
      • Plus, you can determine the potential impact of a change in data source on a report or scorecard.



Optimize implementation with Firstlogic Solutions Services

    • Firstlogic Solutions provides a range of service offerings designed to support you at every stage of the data management lifecycle so you can optimize the benefits of SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward.
    • We can help you understand data health issues on various data quality dimensions like completeness, uniqueness, consistency, and timeliness.
    • We can also quickly enable you to get up and running on SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward by installing and configuring the software – and by providing templates and guidance on best practices for software usage and administration.
    • Moreover, you can jump-start data migration through numerous offerings from SAP Services that deliver a more mature information management infrastructure based on proven implementation methods.
    • Whatever your needs, Firstlogic Solutions can support you with critical master data management services that deliver real value, minimize your risk, and reduce your cost.



High-Performance Analytic Databases

    • Your BI platform must enable users to access, analyze, and be alerted about the right information from the vast amounts of existing and new data that is generated every minute – and do it quickly, often in real time.
    • A key challenge facing organizations of any size in any industry is managing and analyzing the soaring quantity of data and harnessing that information to improve the business.
    • IT is challenged by the high costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of hardware needed to accommodate large data volumes, while business users need quick, often real-time access to analyze this information in order to respond to ever changing market conditions.
    • New data warehousing solutions from SAP address this issue by providing real-time access to big data in a uniquely efficient and affordable manner.



SAP HANA® Appliance Software

    • High-performance SAP HANA® appliance software allows organizations to analyze large volumes of operations data and get immediate answers to business questions.
    • Business users can instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time.
    • And when managing large data volumes, SAP HANA is also simpler and more cost-effective to operate and manage compared to traditional disk-based data warehousing systems.



Sybase® IQ Database Software

    • Sybase® IQ software is a highly optimized analytics server designed specifically to deliver superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.
    • The pioneering column-based architecture in Sybase IQ has been proven in the most challenging real-world reporting and analytic workloads.
    • It effectively handles large volumes of ad hoc queries and hundreds of concurrent users, often increasing conventional query performance by 5, 10, and even 100 times.
    • Its data compression algorithms reduce data storage volumes by more than 70%, while superior manageability routinely reduces administrative costs by 75%.



Take your data to a new level

    • SAP Data Services is your solution for delivering trusted data company-wide.
    • Enterprise-class performance and functions allow you to address initiatives such as business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration, and master data management.
    • With data services embedded in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) application, data is correct from the start and downstream operations can make sound business decisions based on trusted information.
    • Plus, by integrating heterogeneous data from disparate sources, you gain a broad view of your data, helping ensure that there are no gaps in your business planning.