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  • Got DQ?
    Got DQ?
  • SAP Data Quality Management (DQM)
    SAP Data Quality Management (DQM)
  • Join Us at the 2018 National Postal Forum (NPF)
    Join Us at the 2018 National Postal Forum (NPF)
  • Peachtree Data: Success With Firstlogic DQ For Over 20 Years!
    Peachtree Data: Success With Firstlogic DQ For Over 20 Years!
  • Dirty Data: What's It Costing You?
    Dirty Data: What's It Costing You?
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    Firstlogic Address Quality eBook
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    Visit us @ 2018 DMA &Then Conference
Firstlogic Solutions - SAP Gold Partner


Firstlogic Solutions® specializes in delivering SAP® Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) solutions.

SAP Data Services (DS) Solutions (U.S. & International)
    • SAP Data Services (DS)
    • SAP Information Steward (IS)
    • SAP Data Integrator (DI)
    • SAP Data Quality Management (DQM)
    • SAP DQM for SAP CRM & ECC
    • SAP HANA Agile Data Preparation (ADP)
    • SAP HANA Smart Data Quality (SDQ)
    • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI)
    • SAP Business Intelligence (BI)
Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) Solutions (U.S.)
    • Firstlogic FirstPrep
    • Firstlogic ACE®
    • Firstlogic DataRight IQ®
    • Firstlogic Match/Consolidate®
    • Firstlogic DQ Workflow APIs
    • Firstlogic PAF Manager
    • Firstlogic DQM for Siebel CRM & UCM
    • Firstlogic DQM for Informatica PowerCenter

Turn Your Data into a Strategic Information Asset


Greater Operational Efficiencies


    • Capture and cleanse poor data quality upon initial data entry
    • Parse and standardize data based on your business rules
    • De-duplicate data with sophisticated matching and consolidation
    • Setup new customers and suppliers faster and with more accurate data
    • Increase communication effectiveness with customers & suppliers
    • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with a single view of your customers
    • Streamline business processes and decrease rework to resolve bad data


Increased Profit Margins

    • Reduce transportation and postage costs
    • Cleanse addresses for postage price discounts
    • Reduce publication costs and postage leveraging householding
    • Decrease shipping charge backs and fines


Higher Customer Satisfaction

    • Improve customer interaction by leveraging more accurate information
    • Cleanse and consolidate customer data for customer loyalty programs
    • Increase customer delivery accuracy and performance
    • Better target marketing with geocoding location awareness


Improved Data Compliance

    • Make better business decisions using more accurate information
    • Implement accounting controls based on corporate policy
    • Enforce data security and access across the value chain
    • Centralize data management and policies to improve compliance



Full Data Quality Management Lifecycle

    • Data Governance
    • Data Profiling
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Assessment
    • Address Cleansing & Validation
    • Address Geocoding
    • International Address Verification
    • Data Cleansing & Standardization
    • Data Enhancement & Enrichment
    • Data Matching
    • Data Consolidation
    • Data Householding
    • Data De-duplication
    • Data Integration