Firstlogic DQM for PeopleSoft CRM
Firstlogic® DQM for PeopleSoft® CRM provides real-time global address cleansing and duplicate detection for PeopleSoft CRM.


Ensure Data Quality in PeopleSoft CRM

Firstlogic® Data Quality Management (DQM) for PeopleSoft® CRM helps improve and enhance the quality and value of customer data your organization collects. These tightly integrated solutions ensure that the data you work so hard to collect is accurate and reliable. By incorporating data quality processes into your PeopleSoft CRM Solutions implementation, you not only increase the value of your application, you build user confidence by providing accurate and trustworthy data.


Data Quality Management for PeopleSoft CRM

Firstlogic® DQM for PeopleSoft CRM can enable the following:

    • Data Cleansing – for lead tracking, list management, and database marketing.
    • Data Matching – to eliminate duplicate records according to your business rules.
    • Identify, standardize and correct – customer data based on secondary data sources.
    • Assign properly formatted postal addresses – for domestic and international data.
    • Incorporate custom business rules – to ensure compliance with your data standards.
    • Real-Time processing – for domestic and international address records.
    • Batch Processing – for initial and periodic address data verification and cleansing.


  Business Benefits

Firstlogic® DQM for PeopleSoft can deliver the following benefits:

    • Save time & money – and increases the efficiency of your operation.
    • Ensure data accuracy – to achieve higher revenues per customer.
    • Increase customer satisfaction – and retention and quality of sales leads
    • Improve productivity – with enhanced response rates.
    • Higher quality sales leads – improved productivity, enhanced response rates
    • Lower costsfor acquiring and servicing customers.
    • Increase customer data accuracy – to enable better decision-making and analysis.
    • Effectively target and customize – interactions with your customers.
    • Reduce the number of duplicate records – to build a clearer view of your customers.