SAP® DQM for SAP provides real-time global address cleansing and duplicate detection for SAP ECC & SAP CRM.

Ensure Reliable Data within SAP ECC and SAP CRM

The key to avoiding the high costs of poor data quality is to implement a data quality management solution.  SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management (DQM) for SAP Solutions provides a transparent, out-of-the-box integration of data quality best practices within the SAP CRM and ECC environments that:

    • Enables address cleansing and duplicate checking – for customers, vendors, and business partners directly within SAP CRM or ECC systems with a native look and feel.
    • Provides suggestions at point of entry – that relocate misfielded data, correct erroneous entries, adjust formatting for casing and punctuation, apply standards for key terms, and fill in missing elements, based on minimal address data.
    • Supports global address cleansing – with up-to-date address reference data for 240 countries.
    • Enables review, accept or override – of validated addresses.
    • Checks for duplicates – of new entries based on cleansed address data.
    • Enables error-tolerant search – using the same duplicate checking functionality which allows you to look up similar records based on inexact data.
    • Prevents bad address data and duplicates – from entering your CRM or ERP system.
    • Provides batch processing capabilities – utilizing the same data quality settings that support real-time cleansing and duplicate detection, to detect and correct errors introduced by overrides or data entered from other sources. 


Data Quality Management for SAP CRM & ECC

When you implement SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it’s a best practice to prevent and eliminate duplicate entries and verify and correct data loaded into the application. This improves the value of your customer interactions as well as improves your users' confidence in the adoption of the application.

Data Quality Management (DQM) for SAP solutions helps you manage the quality of your information in your SAP ECC or SAP CRM deployment. You can embed support for data quality directly into SAP applications to help ensure the accuracy of your information.

With SAP DQM for SAP solutions, you can take advantage of the following features:

    • Data quality management – integrate data quality into SAP applications and increase productivity by allowing your users to work within the native application user interface.
    • Global data processing – support global postal validation for more than 240 countries in a single pass, and support identification and standardization of global addresses.
    • Duplicate checking – prevent storage of redundant information.
    • Data cleansing – cleanse data at the point of entry and on a periodic basis to help ensure ongoing data accuracy and completeness.
    • Interactive address interface – complete addresses that have minimal or ambiguous data.

  Business Benefits

SAP DQM for SAP solutions can deliver a variety of benefits:

    • Help ensure information accuracy – with software that lets you correct, validate, and format addresses.
    • Enhance business-process efficiency – by verifying addresses while preventing the duplication of stored information.
    • Improve service to customers and business partners – by allowing users to identify customer, vendor, and business records with limited amounts of information, as well as by updating information to existing records for a single, comprehensive view of your data.