SAP Postalsoft® DQ 8.0 End-of-Life…
It’s Not Too Late!

Happy New Year!!
2015 is off to a fast start and hundreds of companies have added the looming SAP Postalsoft DQ 8.0 end-of-life as one of their new year’s top priorities.  With the end-of-life approaching on March 31st, customers can rest assured that the simple upgrade to Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) 9.0 is their best option.  The ACE®, DataRight IQ® and Match/Consolidate® solutions have been cleansing addresses, standardizing data, and matching and consolidating customer data for over 30 years.

Postalsoft DQ 8.0 Upgrade Options

Last year, Postalsoft DQ 8.0 customers had plenty of time to explore their options.  They could have reengineered their address and data quality applications and processes using a new software tool, but this option is no longer practical.  At this point, customers can stay the course and continue to leverage their Postalsoft DQ 8.0 investment by performing a simple upgrade to Firstlogic DQ 9.0.

The 3 Step Simple Upgrade Process:

Step 1: Install Firstlogic DQ 9.0 ACE, DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate.
Step 2: Run the Edjob utility to update your Job-Files.
Step 3. Test your updated Job-Files.                   

After the upgrade, you’re ready to run your existing business processes, applications, scripts and Job-Files “business as usual.”  Your applications dependent on the ACE Fault & Error Codes also continue to run as usual.  And if you leverage the statistics files produced by ACE, you’re good to go.

Postalsoft DQ 8.0 Upgrade Solutions

For those customers concerned about being supported on all operating systems, you’re covered there too with support for Windows®, Linux®, Solaris® and the AIX® operating systems.  Finally, Customers will be able to leverage the same CASS™ & NCOALink® Certified address cleansing engine as embedded in Postalsoft DQ 8.0 leveraging your existing NCOALink® certification.

It’s Not Too Late… A simple upgrade from version 8.0 to 9.0 takes hours, not weeks.  And since your team is already familiar with the ACE, DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate applications, there’s no learning curve.  As the leading SAP Gold Partner specializing in the SAP Postalsoft DQ and SAP DQM platforms, Firstlogic Solutions is the company SAP trusts to provide Postalsoft ACE, DataRight & Match/Consolidate customers with upgrade options to ensure business continuity. 

About the Author: Ken Kucera is the Managing Principal of Firstlogic Solutions, LLC.  Ken has over 30 years' experience in delivering enterprise software and consulting solutions to customers.  Prior to Firstlogic Solutions, Ken led a delivery team at SAP BusinessObjects specializing in data quality solutions including Postalsoft DQ 8.0 and SAP Data Quality Management (DQM).

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