Firstlogic Solutions to Sponsor & Exhibit at 2016 National Postal Forum (NPF) March 20-23, 2016 

NPF Attendees and Exhibitors explore SAP Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) solutions focused on address and data quality. 

Duluth, GA – Firstlogic Solutions® will be sponsoring and exhibiting at Booth 508 at the upcoming 2016 National Postal Forum (NPF) on March 20-23, 2016 at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center in Nashville, TN.  Firstlogic Solutions will be showcasing the SAP Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) 9 solutions to NPF attendees and providing upgrade options to customers faced with end-of-life on the SAP Postalsoft® ACE, DataRight IQ & Match/Consolidate platform.

The SAP® Data Services (DS) platform provides companys with the ability to profile, analyze, parse, standardize, correct, enhance, match, consolidate and monitor their data.  SAP DS users are able to assess the quality and state of inbound data and perform batch and real-time address cleansing, geocoding and duplicate detection. Company's can also leverage the matching capability of SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) to build a customer “best record” view or to perform householding for target campaigns.  SAP DQM is a single enterprise platform to support enterprise address and data quality needs.

The Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) platform includes DataRight IQ®, Match/Consolidate® and ACE® which is powered by the CASS™ and NCOALink® certified SAP DQM platform.  Many Firstlogic DQ9 customers use ACE for address cleansing and geocoding, DataRight IQ for data cleansing and standardization and Match/Consolidate for de-duplication and householding.  The Firstlogic DQ9 applications are built from the proven SAP Postalsoft platform based on 30-years of world-class development.

Firstlogic Solutions will be introducing the new DQ9 ACE Multi-threaded (M/T) enhanced precision & performance release. “We've reengineered the world-class DQ9 ACE single-threaded application into a multi-threaded high performance platform delivering up to 4 times the speed while maintaining the highest quality address cleansing in the market,” said Dave Dobson, Director of Solutions Development at Firstlogic Solutions.  The DQ9 ACE platform is powered by the SAP ACE CASS™ and SAP Mover ID NCOALink® certified platform,” says Dobson.

“The Firstlogic DQ9 M/T on-premise platform is available and fully supported on the proven Windows®, Linux®, AIX® and Solaris® operating systems,” said Jeff Hay, Director of Solutions Support.  “To upgrade, Customers simply run their ACE Job-Files through the Edjob utility with no need to change any scripts, status codes or business processes,” says Hay.   

The ACE, DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate platform has been providing industry leading address cleansing, data cleansing, data enhancement, data matching and data consolidation to thousands of customers for over 30 years. Today, the platform maintains a large and dedicated customer base leveraging the power and accuracy of the trusted architecture.

“We’re excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2016 National Postal Forum (NPF).  We’re encouraged to see so many of our current SAP Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) customers exhibiting their solutions built on SAP and Firstlogic data quality solutions,” said Ken Kucera, Managing Principal at Firstlogic Solutions. “We’re also looking forward to meeting new NPF attendees seeking simple and cost effective SAP and Firstlogic data quality solutions based on their needs,” says Kucera.

To learn more about the Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) products, please call 1-888-725-7800, email at dataquality(at)firstlogicsolutions(dot)com or visit the website at /software.aspx.  Overview documents, guides and programs for SAP and Firstlogic data quality products are available in the Resources section on the webpage.

About Firstlogic Solutions

Firstlogic Solutions, LLC is the leading SAP Gold Partner specializing in the SAP Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) software and services solutions.  The Company delivers expert address and data quality solutions including data profiling & monitoring, address cleansing & geocoding, data cleansing & standardization, data matching & consolidation and data enhancement. Customers include both large enterprises and midsize companies from across all industries in North America.

Firstlogic, Firstlogic Solutions, ACE, DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate are registered trademarks of Firstlogic Solutions, LLC.  SAP, Postalsoft and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP America, Inc.  USPS, CASS and NCOALink are trademarks or registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service.