Firstlogic Migration Factory

Firstlogic Solutions® Migration Factory enables SAP Postalsoft DQ customers to migrate to SAP’s Data Quality Management platform in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Simple Migration to SAP Data Quality Management (DQM)

    • SAP Postalsoft DQ (ACE, DataRight IQ & Match/Consolidate) customers have made significant investments in their current Postalsoft platform.
    • Businesses need a more streamlined and scalable platform to increase data quality processing performance.
    • Business requirements have grown to include the need for international address standardization.
    • Businesses need real-time address cleansing, data cleansing and matching for websites, portals and business applications.
    • Businesses need the ability to process data in multiple formats including flat files, relational databases, ODBC, XML, Excel and structured and unstructured data.


Leverage Your Existing Jobs-Files


    • Migrate to SAP Data Services – SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) platform to leverage the expanded capabilities.
    • Leverage the Migration Factory – with expert People, Process & Tools designed to expedite the SAP Postalsoft DQ Job File to SAP DQM Data Flow migration.
    • Migrate Your Existing Job File –configurations & settings to minimize time and costs of the migration.
    • Increase Your Success with Proven Technology – by upgrading to SAP DQM and leveraging the same core address cleansing, data cleansing and match consolidation transforms contained in SAP Postalsoft DQ.
    • Expand Your Capabilities – with the SAP DQM platform with:
      - International Address Cleansing
      - Direct Access to relational databases
      - High Performance Multi-Threaded Processing
      - Real-time and batch processing
      - Drag & Drop design tool
      - Data Profiling & Monitoring
      - Web Services and API integration


Cost Effective Migration

    • Extend the Capability – of your SAP Postalsoft DQ environment by migrating to the SAP DQM platform.
    • Leverage the Investment – of your existing SAP Postalsoft DQ Job Files by converting your Job File configurations into SAP DQM Data Flows.
    • Minimize Business Disruption – by leveraging SAP Postalsoft DQ Migration Factory with expert People, Process & Tools.
    • Leverage Expanded Capabilities – of SAP DQM detailed in the Top 10 Benefits to upgrading listed below.


Top 10 Benefits 
to Migrate SAP Postalsoft DQ to SAP DQM


    • Performance – SAP Postalsoft DQ is limited to Single Threaded Processing on a single processing core.   SAP DQM leverages Multi-Threaded Processing spawning simultaneous processes on dual, quad, hex and virtual multi-core CPUs.
    • Usability – SAP Postalsoft DQ has Job File development with a text editor. SAP DQM has a Drag & Drop Designer Tool with prebuilt transforms and data quality blueprints.
    • Data Access – SAP Postalsoft DQ can only process Flat Files requiring multiple redundant staging files. SAP DQM has Direct Access to flat files, relational databases, ODBC, Excel and structured and unstructured data.
    • Real-time Processing – SAP Postalsoft DQ has no real-time capability. SAP  DQM has Real-time address cleansing, data cleansing and matching for real-time websites, portals and CRM applications.
    • International Processing – SAP Postalsoft DQ has no international processing capabilities. SAP DQM has Real-time and batch address cleansing for up to 276 countries.
    • Integration Options – SAP Postalsoft DQ has limited integration via Command Line. SAP DQM has Integration to websites and applications via Web Services, Java API, C++ API or Command Line.
    • Platform Architecture – SAP Postalsoft DQ has multiple, non-integrated applications. SAP DQM is a single, centralized, ETL based Enterprise Platform.
    • Transforms – SAP Postalsoft DQ only has (3) Data Quality Transforms. SAP DQM has (10) Data Quality Transforms plus (7) Platform Transforms for data movement and manipulation.
    • Data Quality Profiling – SAP Postalsoft DQ has no data profiling capability. SAP DQM can analyze and profile the quality of your existing data with Information Steward.
    • Data Quality Monitoring – SAP Postalsoft DQ has no data monitoring capability. SAP DQM can monitor the quality of your existing data over time with the Information Steward solution.

Postalsoft is a registered trademark of SAP America, Inc.