Firstlogic Solutions 

Deployment Services

Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP® Data Services (DS)and Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) solutions.

Accelerating Your Data Quality Deployment

    • You’ve made a significant investment in your enterprise information management platform and need to implement it now.
    • You need to build a solid data quality foundation that will grow with your business. Your customers want to see results so it’s important to deliver “quick wins”.
    • Your data quality team needs to leverage deployment “best practices” and become self reliant. It’s time to engage the Data Quality experts from Firstlogic Solutions.

Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

    • Engage the data quality experts from Firstlogic Solutions in a 10, 15 or 20-day RDS engagement to accelerate your deployment that includes:
    • Software Installation & Configuration
    • Data Profiling & Assessment 
    • Postal Directory & Data Dictionary Installation
    • Real-time & Batch Requirements
    • Data Flow Development & Testing
    • Data Flow Integration & Testing
    • Knowledge Transfer Training
    • Engagement Documentation


Upgrades & Migrations

    • Leverage “best practices” upgrade processes for your legacy Firstlogic, Postalsoft, Business Objects or SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality applications including:
    • SAP Postalsoft DQ 8.0 (ACE, DataRight IQ & Match/Consolidate) to SAP DQM
    • SAP Postalsoft DQ 8.0 to Firstlogic DQ 9.0 Postalsoft Platform Upgrade
    • SAP Data Services 4.x to SAP Data Services 4.x +1
    • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 3.x to Data Services 4.x.
    • Firstlogic DQM for Siebel Upgrades.
    • Firstlogic DQM for Informatica Upgrades.
    • Firstlogic DQM for PeopleSoft Upgrades. 

Platform Optimizations

  • Optimize your Data Services platform by leveraging high performance optimization techniques proven to stabilize the platform while increase the overall processing performance.
    • Review software installation & configuration
    • Review data flow design & integration
    • Recommend & deploy enhancements to software installation & configuration
    • Recommend & deploy enhancements to data flows & integration
    • Benchmark optimized performance against baseline performance
    • Document performance optimization enhancements

POC’s & Prototypes

    • Prove the value and performance of your data quality software with a Proof-of-Concept (POC) or Prototype engagement including:
    • Send us your data to process on our servers based on your specifications
    • Install & configure data quality software on your server for processing
    • Design & test sample data flow using your business rules
    • Develop Web Service or API Integration
    • Integrate with your application
    • Benchmark for performance and data accuracy  

Training & Mentoring

    • Ensure “self reliance” of your team with your new data quality platform through:
    • one-on-one mentoring
    • e-learning courses
    • instructor-led training


Technical Support

    • Extend technical assistance beyond your initial software deployment with data quality platform expertise including:
    • Pre-deployment support
    • Post deployment support
    • System enhancements
    • System troubleshooting