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SAP® Data Services
Firstlogic® Data Quality
SAP® Business Intelligence

SAP Data Services, Firstlogic Data Quality and SAP Business Intelligence solutions provide comprehensive information management and analytic reporting functionality that can help you deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data and reports – across your enterprise. 

Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) Software

Firstlogic DQ Software includes FirstPrep™, ACE®, DataRight IQ® and Match/Consolidate®  which provides file preparation, address correction and encoding, address parsing, address standardization, address sorting, data parsing, data standardization, data cleansing, data enhancement, data matching and data consolidation. 

Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) Workflow APIs

Firstlogic DQ Workflow APIs includes Firstlogic DQ Workflow APIs allow customers to embed address cleansing, data cleansing, matching and enhancement capabilities inside custom workflow applications.  These JAVA, .Net and C++ API’s ensure the integrity and completeness of data and can maximize developer productivity for operational, analytic, or governance initiatives. 

Firstlogic® PAF Manager™

Firstlogic PAF Manager is a streamlined Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) software product for USPS NCOALink Licensees which allows users to conveniently maintain current PAF data and documentation.

SAP Data Services (DS)

Data Services is a unified data quality management, data assessment and data integration solution to consolidate, improve, and deliver data anywhere.

  • Information Steward (IS)
    • Data Profiling
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Monitoring
  • Data Quality Management (DQM)
    • Real-time Processing
    • Batch Processing
  • Data Integrator (DI)
    • Extract, Transform, and Load Data (ETL)

SAP Information Steward (IS)

Information Steward leverages integrated data profiling and metadata management to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information giving you the power to improve the effectiveness of your operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

SAP Data Quality Management (DQM)

Data Quality Management (DQM) provides data assessment, address cleansing, data cleansing, data enhancement, data matching and data consolidation.


Data Quality Management (DQM) for SAP provides real-time global address cleansing and duplicate detection for SAP ECC & SAP CRM systems.

Firstlogic DQM for Siebel® CRM & UCM

Data Quality Management (DQM) for Siebel CRM & UCM provides real-time global address cleansing and duplicate detection for Siebel CRM & UCM systems.

Firstlogic DQM for Informatica PowerCenter®

Data Quality Management (DQM) for Informatica PowerCenter provides data cleansing, data matching and consolidation for data integration and migration projects.

SAP Data Integrator (DI)

Data Integrator is a world-class ETL tool that allows you to profile, extract, transform, and deliver any type of data anywhere across the enterprise.

SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence solutions from SAP allow your organization to make fact-based decisions based on trusted data. 

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